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I enjoy writing, reading, cooking, and travel. I am thoroughly of the opnion that the ability to understand and converse in another language is a boon.

English (Written, Spoken, Read)-- Fluent Actually, I speak BOTH English AND American

French (Written, Spoken, Read)-- Fluent

Spanish (Written, Spoken, Read)-- Intermediate

Italian (Written, Spoken, Read)-- Beginner

Icelandic (Reading, Spoken)-- Intermediate/ Beginner

Old English (


(Written, Spoken, Read)-- Semi-Fluent

Middle English (

The Canterbury Tales

)( Written, Spoken, Read)-- Fluent

Latin (tons o' crap) (Written, Spoken, Read)-- Fluent

Igpay Atinlay-- Fluent

Next on my palate is to learn Portuguese and continue cramming my brain with Italian. Maybe some Romanian too,, you know, to knock out the romance languages.

I am an unashamed lover of animals. I like cats, dogs, lizards, spiders, snakes. I will also make this admission: I have a kitten name Kisa. She is a ball of mischeif, fur, and curiosity. If she is not supposed to do something, she does it. She is gentle, caring, generous, hilarious. You tell her not to do something, she does it. Now, when I want her to do somwthing, I tell her not to do it, and wham! she does it.


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