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Try going to this site, and sign up. IUt's a great, albeit dirty, service! Use this link, too!

This is a GREAT (and cheap) website if you want to find information (background, criminal or rental history, etc.) about a person.

Here I go again, referring to a website. This site pays A LOT for each email it send you that you complete (like a Survey). I am loathe to do anything that promises $ if you spend $. Well, you have to spend some to get your earnings, but, still....At $100 an email or more, with me it's ok. Use this link. I get money, too! I'll make it up to you!

This is for an Acai Berry Supplement. I lost 12 pounds in, like, 4 days. It's really cheap, too!

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I have to use calling cards when I am not using my Cell Phone. This site is great:

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is also wonderful.

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<a href="" target="_top">Click Here!</a> is a FANTASTIXC site. I mean, Microsoft hasn't gone anywherfe with WebTV, a company it had the foresight to buy over 10 years ago. It has bought it, and ndone absolutely npthing!. I mean, c'mon: TiVo DirectTV Moby, etc. Microsoft, even though it was co-founded by Paul Allen (a guy I like), isn't exactly hurting for money-- but its coffers would be bursting at the seams right now....